Dear Friends of Oxbow,

In my first year as Head of School, I have been privileged to witness the tenacity and resilience that comes from living through a year of tragedy and turmoil that has impacted all of our lives. While we are living in unpredictable times, I want to extend my heartfelt “thank you” for sharing confidence in our mission and values. It is an honor to celebrate the Oxbow legacy with you. It is for this reason that we should give pause to acknowledge the many gifts we have been given during this year of hardship in celebration of Oxbow as a leading school of excellence:

  • We met full capacity with 2 summer camp sessions and 2 semesters to bring our academic year to a successful conclusion. 

  • We welcomed lively visiting artists in residence—Robin Hill, Anneli Henriksson, Eric Veit—to work directly with our students in the studios along the riverside.

  • We collaborated with the Napa Railroad Arts District to introduce international muralist, ELLE, to our campus where she gave our students a personal tutorial on mural painting.

  • We hosted a successful art college portfolio day, an event that draws top art colleges from across the country to review our students’ work.

  • We partnered with the di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art and renowned artist Arleene Coreea Valencia to launch the first community mural art project centered around the theme of “resilience.”

  • The Oxbow faculty seamlessly pivoted to a distance learning model for our spring students after evacuating the campus due to the pandemic. At home, students rose to the occasion to create stellar final projects based on a topic of their own choosing. 

  • In support of the Black Lives Matter movement, the faculty and staff made a commitment to implement an anti-racist curriculum, build an inclusive culture, and revise our policies moving forward.

  • We engaged in the preliminary planning necessary to renovate campus facilities and began work towards improvement of select buildings.

  • We held our first “Anti-Event” event, a playful parody of the traditional extravagant gala. Despite the inability to hold previously scheduled regional gatherings across the country this past spring, we met and exceeded our fundraising goals for the year!
As we celebrate this year of success, we must stay focused on the realities of what the future will bring, for undoubtedly we will need to lean on each other during these unprecedented times. As stewards for equitable arts education, we are directly transforming the lives of young people. Through your support, Oxbow students leave the program as visionary leaders and thriving members of their community. Thank you for making a difference in their lives! I look forward to a continued partnership with you.

With deep gratitude,
Jennifer Jordan, Head of School

Lua C., Fall 2019Lua C. Fall 2019                                                      

“The staff and students there created and held a space for her to deeply explore herself as a human, a writer and as an artist. She made incredible friends there, many of whom she still remains closely connected to. The students at Oxbow were given an opportunity to delve into a variety of subject matters from the very personal to global and universal, and made insightful, deeply thoughtful art that reflected the journeys they took. They felt completely safe to explore and examine some incredibly difficult subjects in some cases, and I never fail to be moved when I attend the final shows there. I also never fail to feel hopeful about the future when I see what these amazing kids think and care about.”

Kristen Jenkinson Spring 2017 parent

“I've grown exponentially as an artist at Oxbow. Studying art alongside academics has allowed me to rethink the role of art in my life…I have never experienced such a clear sense of community and motivation while working. Art being a central part of my life has changed me: it has seeped into my everyday life.”

Alexandra B. Spring 2020

Finn H., Fall 2019
Finn H. Fall 2019 

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