Lua C., Fall 2019Lua C. Fall 2019                                                      

“The staff and students there created and held a space for her to deeply explore herself as a human, a writer and as an artist. She made incredible friends there, many of whom she still remains closely connected to. The students at Oxbow were given an opportunity to delve into a variety of subject matters from the very personal to global and universal, and made insightful, deeply thoughtful art that reflected the journeys they took. They felt completely safe to explore and examine some incredibly difficult subjects in some cases, and I never fail to be moved when I attend the final shows there. I also never fail to feel hopeful about the future when I see what these amazing kids think and care about.”

Kristen Jenkinson Spring 2017 parent

“I've grown exponentially as an artist at Oxbow. Studying art alongside academics has allowed me to rethink the role of art in my life…I have never experienced such a clear sense of community and motivation while working. Art being a central part of my life has changed me: it has seeped into my everyday life.”

Alexandra B. Spring 2020

Finn H., Fall 2019
Finn H. Fall 2019 

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