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“I’ve changed more than I could have ever imagined. It actually blows my mind. I feel like I’m a different person in a lot of ways. At Oxbow, I was forced to face challenges, ideas, relationships, and assignments that felt very unfamiliar and uncomfortable; and because of that, I have become a much more independent, driven, confident person who doesn’t hesitate to ask for help. I also feel I have become much more aware of the outside world, of life away from home, and that has made me just much more aware. It made me realize who I really wanted to be in this world, and what place I want to fill…Oxbow made me a much more resilient and confident person, especially when it comes to figuring out my place in the world.”

Amalia M. Spring 2020

“Going to Oxbow, the action of leaving my home state, was almost as impactful to me as the experiences that I had at Oxbow. Making the choice to leave the only cultures and environment that I've ever known was intimidating, but I do think it was a step that was deeply important in my growth as a person. Equally important was the community that awaited me. The opportunity to be challenged by different perspectives and kinds of people was an experience that I deeply appreciate. There was also a level of great equalization at play in my experience, and it did offer me the opportunity to meet people from backgrounds different than mine, and approach them as peers above all else. I’ve left Oxbow with a better knowledge of myself, but also with the tools to better understand others.”

Artemisio RyC. Spring 2020


“Throughout the semester, we had many discussions about big world questions and theories. It was this practice of expansive thinking that made me feel so inspired and excited to learn everything I can about the world. I felt as if I had no limitations and as if my body could go on and on forever. I had never felt so infinite. This is because all of our classes demanded a certain level of introspection. I never suspected that delving inwards, to the depths of our minds leads to the feeling of outward growth. It is this reflexive process that enticed me so much. I think that at Oxbow, I developed a deeper love for learning and thinking. I felt energized and excited by the things that I was reading. Knowledge was freeing.”

Sorah G. Spring 2020

“My greatest success was growing into the person I felt I was meant to be. I came in with many expectations, but I never expected to be the person I am today. I see things more clearly, and I experience things more deeply. Learning to appreciate both the small and the big moments was a big deal to me.”

Kylie M. Fall 2019

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